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There are many preferences and options available within your XOWComics.com account. The plethora of options allow you to customize many aspects of the XOWComics.com site when you are logged in. Preferences are available for you to customize how navigation works within Listing Pages and Detail Pages , how information is displayed within the site, and even how your information is displayed to other users (if at all).

These Help pages explain all of the intricacies of the different preferences and options available with your XOWComics.com account. Do check back somewhat regularly as new features and options are being added all of the time as the XOWComics.com site grows and evolves.

Change Account Options

Notification Options, Listing Controls and More

General account options controlling notifications, rows displayed on Listing Pages , sorting options and more are all controlled under this general options page.

Change Display Options

Control the Default Data Shown

Different sections of the site have secondary data that is available to you at a single click. These display options allow you to automatically control whether this secondary data is displayed to you immediately upon navigating to pages or whether you only want to see it when you individually open the disclosure widget to show it in the interface.

Change Navigation Options

Speed You Navigation in the Interface

Options here allow you to set what the default listing pages that are shown for each detail page within the site. You can thereby customize the default pages shown at different levels in the data to improve the efficiency of the site to suit your individual needs.

Change Shared Information

How You Are Seen by Others

A single form determines how, if at all, you are presented to other users of the XOWComics.com site. Customizing your displayed name and selecting, or even uploading, your own custom avatar are all available from this page. All of the current values you have set are already entered obviously for you to easily view and update.

Change Personal Information

Account Details and Personal Info

This simple form for changing any of the personal information on your XOWComics.com account is fully documented here. All of the current values you have set are already entered obviously for you to easily view and update.

Change Username

Change the Username for your Account

It does not get much simpler to change your account preferences. A short bit of help to document change the username on your account.

Change Password

Change the Password for your Account

Slightly more complex than changing your username, but remember that is a relative comparison. An iota of help of documentation to help you change the password on your account.

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