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Data Structure for Brand Images

An Brand Image is an image of Brand currently being viewed or listed. Multiple Brand Images may exist for a Brand as it may have evolved over time or for different uses by the Publisher.

Screenshot To the left you can see an example of a Brand Detail page, with a few image scans of the Brand as it changed thru the years of usage.

As with many things in the comic book industry, there has been little continuity of Brands for Publishers. It is not uncommon for a Publisher to maintain many Brands at a time. And, it is very common for Publishers to change their Brands regularly.

Below each Brand Image can be displayed very basic information for the image. This includes a caption and any notes that have been made about the image.

If one scanned image is the most commonly used or is currently being used, then is is considered the "Primary Image" Brand Image. Primary Images are displayed with a larger border and displayed first when the Brand Images are displayed (see example).

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