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Certified Guarantee Company

CGC is an independent member of the Certified Collectibles Group of companies. The Certified Collectibles Group is an umbrella organization consisting of Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America (NGC) the leading grading service in rare coins, Paper Money Guaranty (PMG), the leading currency certification service, and CGC, the first independent, impartial, expert third party grading service in comics and photographs.

Comic Book Resources

CBR LogoCBR is considered one of the leading sources of comic book related news, previews, reviews, and industry information. CBR concentrates primarily in online delivery of their information with a vast array of content and community resources for comic book collectors and aficionados to appreciate.

Comic Collector Live

Provides purchasing and sales of comic books for all levels of traders and collectors. Free software available for Windows to manage comic book collection, buy and sell comic books, and manage a customized online store for the selling of comics (integrated with the ComicsCollectorLive.com web site).


Founded and maintained by Charles LePage, ComicList is a regularly maintained listing of current and coming releases of comic books for almost all publishers. Though only slightly arguably, ComicList is the world's greatest comic book shipping information web site.

Comic Shop Locator Service

CSLS LogoThe CSLS, operated by Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., provides a locator service for comic book retailers. Merely enter your zip code and the CSLS will locate every comic book shop in your area and give you a map with all of their location and contact information.

Comics Inventory

Provides basic inventory functionality for Comic Book collector for free. Seems to have a few complaints regarding information being somewhat scant and/or outdated.

Comics Price Guide

Provides basic inventory functionality for Comic Book collector for free for up to 50 comics (unlimited for $9.95 a month). Site features industry announcements, marketing information, purchasing and sales amongst members, pricing history, convention news, editorials and comic reviews. iPhone application available for portable management of personal comic collections.

Grand Comics Database

The GCD is an ongoing international project to build a detailed comic book database that will be easy to use and understand, and also easy for contributors to add information to it. The fully searchable and sortable database includes information on creator credits, story details, and other information useful to the comic book reader, fan, collector, and scholar.


MyComicShop.com, operated by Lone Star Comics, is the largest retailer of comic books and collectors supplies in Texas and has operated since the 1960s. The site excels at managing colectors want lists specifically for purchasing comics.


Since 1998 Newsarama.com has been the source of choice for fans to find the latest news about the comic book industry, and animation, science fiction and fantasy entertainment on the big screen and on TV. Their team of experienced reporters, editors and video producers break the latest news and previews, analyze the hottest trends, and review the latest new offerings of interest to fans of genre entertainment.


Czech software developer that provides a simple MacOS X application for the comic book collector. Software interfaces to the Grand Comics Database (GCD) online for its database repository.


Related to Technology


Apache is the web server used to serve the XOWComics.com site. The Apache Software Foundation is a non-profit corporation that supports a wide variety of open source software products. Apache, the web server (technically, the "HTTP Daemon" or "httpd"), has been the most popular web server online for almost 15 years. Apache is considered, deservedly, the de facto standard for HTTP servers in the world. The reliability, security, and extensibility of Apache make it an ideal platform for serving web sites.


Is any explanation even needed why Apple hardware and MacOS X is used as the serving platform for XOWComics.com? In terms of servicability, reliability, security and total cost of ownership, nothing can beat going with Apple for a serving platform.


Firefox, with a few development related add-ons, is the standard used by the XOWComics.com development team to build the XOWComics.com site. The Firefox web browser, developed and maintain by the Mozilla Foundation, is an open source browse designed for consistency across platforms, standards compiancy, security, reliability, and modern convenience features.


PHP is the server side scripting language used to build the XOWComics.com site. PHP (recursive acronym for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor") is a widely used open source general purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.


PostgreSQL is the database used to store the core data used throughout the XOWComics.com web site. PostgreSQL is by far the most respected database tool in the world and is quite arguably the most robust database tool available. Best of all, PostgreSQL is completely open source and free to use by anyone in the world under the GNU Public License.



LeahG Cartoon Illustration and Design Services

LeahG is a specialist in cartoon illustration and founder of the International Group Cartoonists and Illustrators United, a global support network for the promotion of cartoonist and illustrator services.

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