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Screenshot Pictured to the right is a screen shot of a sample My Wants list that has been publicly publisher. You can see the actual current, full publishing of this My Wants list at http://www.xowcomics.com/users/nyrdyv/.

By default, all information with your free XOWComics.com account is kept strictly confidential. But, by enabled an option in Change Shared Information you can make available for anyone to see the contents of any My Wants list. This can be very convenient, for instance, to give to your LCS (Local Comic Shop) so they can help you more easily find the comics you want to add to your collection. With the inclusion of minimum gradings you desire, requiring CGC grading, and notes for each Issues on any My Wants list, they can quickly and easily identify possible copies for you to purchase and add to your collection. It is also great to publish the URL to your public My Wants on your blog, in your email, etc., basically in all locations that other comic book collectors and sellers may see what you are seeking for addition to your collection.

The sharing of My Wants is a fully interactive listing of all of the items on any My Wants list. Details for each Issue on the list are displayed in a standard page for the XOWComics.com site similar to other Listing Pages . Each Issue is linked directly to the Series and Issue within the XOWComics.com site to make sure the exact Issues on any My Wants list can be positively identified. All of the settings that can be made with each Issue on any My Wants list are displayed on the page for everyone to see.

The URL for accessing the Shared My Wants is uniquely tied to the username on your account. So, the permanence of the links you may distribute for the Sharing My Wants page will remain available indefinitely into the future (just don't change the username on your account). And, of course, at any time you can disable access to the Sharing My Wants page by just disabling the preference for it on Change Shared Information page within My Account.

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