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Understanding the structure of the data as it is stored in the XOWComics.com site can help immeasurably in understanding the information you see, how it relates to other data in the site, and how the site itself functions. With an understanding of the data structure, using the XOWComics.com site can become much easier and intuitive no matter what amount of usage you have. And, for volunteer editors, understanding the organization of the data in the XOWComics.com makes the editor tools and the effects they have on data you add and modify in the site that much simpler to work with and comprehend, saving you both time and energy in your efforts.

Click on any of the screenshots on these pages to open a new window and display the same data page as it exists in the site currently.


Publishers are the actual companies, organizations, or sometimes even individuals that are ultimately responsible for the production and printing of comic books. Though a Publisher often does not do the physical printing, they are responsible for the production and layouts of comic books.


Brands are images, logos, artwork, style, wording, and combined media that form the "public image" of a Publisher or line of comic books. It is used to provide continuity often across discrete Series and Issues for comic books.

Brand Images

An Brand Image is an image of the current Brand being viewed or listed.

Indicia Publishers

Indicia Publisher is the actual legal name of the Publisher as recorded in the indicia of the comic book.


A Series is a grouping of individual comic books Issues that share a common title, Indicia Publisher and Publisher.


Issues are, as expected, the individual comic books, including both periodical Issues, one-shot Issues, bound volumes and single-bound collections.

Issue Images

An Issue Image is an image pertaining to the Issue being viewed; most often, it is an image of the cover of the Issue.

Issue Assets

An Issue Asset is an image of particular value and/or informational content to the Issue being viewed. This includes particular high-resolution scans of the indicia and statement of ownership for an Issue.

Content Items

Content Items are individual parts of an Issue (e.g. Stories, Pin-Ups, Credits, Advertisements, etc.).

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