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Screenshot Pictured to the right is a screen shot of the My Boxes page. This page is used to manage "boxes" in the XOWComics.com site, to help you categorize and organize the individual comics on any My Haves list.

Each individual comic on any My Haves list can be placed in any of the boxes you have created using the tools on the My Boxes page. When displaying Issues throughout the site, also, Listing Pages can be made to display only the Issues or comics you have in any individual box from My Boxes . Notice in the screen shot shown, there count of the number of comics currently in each box is displayed; these are links to My Comic Haves to display only the contents of the specific box. Also on the My Comic Haves page is a rollover menu to switch between displaying the contents of any individual box, or all boxes obviously.

Within My Boxes , you can give titles to your individual boxes. A description for each box can also be entered to further help you keep everything organized. New boxes are created by using the "plus" icon on the top left. Individual boxes can be removed by using the "minus" icon next to each.

Finally, you can also set on this page the default box to use for all future additions of Issues you make to any My Haves list. Any box you set as the default box will have all further Issues added to any My Haves list automatically placed into that box when you adding the Issue. Of course, at any time you can come back to theMy Boxes page and change the default box.

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