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Last updated July 9th, 2015: the latest ramblings from the XOWComics.com staff, available for the smallest of pittance (your time).

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Last updated January 16th, 2017

New features in the site are no longer sequestered until the next full posted of a new version of the site. Quite often, as new features are developed and tested, they can now be made available to you immediately with in "incremental" update. It is not uncommon for new features to be made available every day.

The frequency of these changes obviously presents a unique problem of keeping you as updated as possible with details about the XOWComics.com site. Between full version, we are documenting these incremental updates and making certain it is always updated in a simple and short page for you to scan through quickly.

The detailed listing of incremental updates made public since the last full version of the site is available on the Version History page.

Show ChangeEditting Comic Book Data

All Users Can Edit Site Data

Edits to the site data are available from all registered users (user accounts are always free) in the site without having specific editor privileges. Meaning, any user with an account can now submit changes and corrections to the data within the site.

This change is fairly involved in the code of the site, with data being held for review and approval by our volunteer editors. When you are on an Issue Detail page, take a look for these new tools under the "Tools" (gear) Change icon.

Almost all Issue data is available for editting. Obviously, let us know what additional data in the site you would like to edit so we can get that done more quickly for you (feedback is always welcome).

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