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We began building the Help section of the XOWComics.com site in April and have filled in much of it; though, there is still much to be done. We will be filling in more of the following areas as we get the functionality and navigation of the XOWComics.com site documented. Though, we have seen already through the first calendar quarter of 2010 that the site has been built with an intuitive interface, making it largely unnecessary to document the individual pieces of navigation and functionality of the site. But, documentation still is important to have and you may be surprised just what little nuggets of information you may glean from reading through this information as it becomes available.

Data Structure

Overview of Organization of Data

Understanding how all of the data is organized within the XOWComics.com site can help you immensely in your experience with it. It allows you to more quickly find what you are seeking, understand what you are viewing, and intuitively comprehend how even the navigation of the site functions. It is worth spending five minutes to read this documentation as you become familiar with the wealth of knowledge that is catalogued in the XOWComics.com site.


Getting Around the Site

The XOWComics.com site can best be described as "dense": it displays a lot of information in a very small space. This means that navigating the site, though very intuitive, can be a little overwhelming at the beginning. That is where these Help pages for Navigating the site can be of assistance.


Finding the Data and Comics You Seek

Full documentation and help on the searching of data in the XOWComics.com site. Details for searching with each of the individual options available. The functionality of the search interface is also detailed, to aid you in all of your searches.

Data Updates

Data Changes and Updates

Documentation about how we acquired the data that is in the XOWComics.com site, how it is regularly updated, and how these updates can affect what you see from day to day.

My Account

My Collection, Preferences, Favorite Pages, and Logging In/Out

The My Account section of the site encompasses many details and much functionality. Anything as simple as logging into your account to setting up boxes in My Collection is all documented here, organized in the same structure as the XOWComics.com site itself.


List of Terms and Definitions

A full glossary of terms used throughout the site is available from here. The Glossary page lists all of the entries in the glossary for direct viewing and reading. All cross-referenced entries are locally linked within the Glossary page.

Icon Legend

Icons to Know

Listing and description of the icons used throughout the site, both for general usage of the site and for when you are logged into your XOWComics.com account. Editors have a separate icon legend that becomes available on the Editor Navigation bar when logged into their account.


Add-ons for Your Browser

(documentation under development)


Help for Editors, Those that Edit the Data

(documentation under development)

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