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Screenshot Pictured to the right is a screen shot of the My Wants page. This page shows all of the Issues you have marked in the XOWComics.com site as wanting to have in your collection; basically, it is a listing to help you identify and track comics you want to find and purchase.

The My Wants page uses a standard pagination bar for navigating between multiple pages of Issues you have on any My Wants list. Sorting works as you would expect with the standard pagination bar for Listing Pages .

The pagination bar contains a couple of icons for additional functionality. The first is the Covers icon which links to a separate listing of the same information that includes a small version of the main Issue Image for each Issue displayed; this is basically a "cover gallery" of the items on any My Wants list. The second is a direct link to download an Excel document containing all of the Issues on any My Wants list.

The listing of Issues itself is quite self-explanatory. The columns of information are what you would expect to see to identify each individual Issue you have placed on any My Wants list. The columns for "CGC", "Min. Condition", and "Notes" are unique to each copy of each Issue on any My Wants list; each correspond respectively to "Require CGC Graded", "Minimum Condition" and "Notes" for each Issue on My Wants. These are particular pieces of information you can set yourself for each Issue on any My Wants list.

The "pencil" icons in the listing are used to control and set the values of each of these additional columns on any My Wants list. They help you specify particular requirements you may have for Issues you are seeking to purchase. Obviously, this information is displayed anywhere you can view any My Wants list. This includes when you download a copy of any My Wants list and, if you choose to publish publicly My Wants lists, on the Shared My Wants page.

In the column headers for these extra columns are Edit Group icons (the folder with a pencil). These tools allow you to edit the value for each specific column for every Issues currently being displayed on the page (not every Issue on the My Wants list). Though you can set default values for these fields when adding Issues to a My Wants list using My Collection Preferences , there will inevitably be times when you want to update many Issues on a My Wants list all at one time. This is the purpose of the Edit Group tools on this page, obviously.

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