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Screenshot Pictured to the right is a screen shot of the My Collection page that has links to downloading My Haves, My Comic Haves, My Wants, and My Comic Wants. These links on the My Collection page activate immediately the downloading of documents containing all of the contents of your respective lists.

The downloadable documents are directly readable by Excel and most other spreadsheet programs; they both are given by default a document type extension of "XLS". The contents of each document is a listing of every Issue, or copy of every Issue for My Comic Haves, on your respective list, grouped together by Series. The Series are sorted in alphabetical order for convenience. Issues in a Series are placed in the proper publication order and each Series also contains the Publisher Name. The Issue Number, Publication Date and Quantity on your respective list is obviosly included with each entry in the document. For the My Wants document, the settings you have made for Minimum Condition, Require CGC Graded and Notes are also included with each Issue in the document. For My Comic Haves, the settings you have made for CGC Graded, Condition, Purchase Date, Purchase Price and Notes are are also included with every copy of every Issues on all My Haves lists.

For those that are technically savvy, the contents of the documents are actually standard "HTML Tables" containing all of the relevant data properly formatted for spreadsheet programs. Minimal markup has been used for styling to make the documents compatible on the widest array of spreadsheet applications.

Screenshot Pictured to the left is a small screenshot of the My Haves page. On the listing pages for My Collection the same documents can also be downloaded. The additional links in these locations are provided merely for convenience and there is no difference in the documents downloaded from the different locations.

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