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Disclose Overview

With your free XOWComics.com account, there is a great deal of additional functionality available to you. This large section of the Help provides documentation for all of the additional tools, functionality, and settings available to you exclusively with your XOWComics.com account.

Login and Logout

Getting into Your Account and Security

All of the help and documentation you may need to login and logout of your account. Screenshots and specific gotchas are included to help with this simplest of tasks in the XOWComics.com site. Obviously, this is your first stop when experiencing problems with logging into and loggint out of your account.

Create Account

Instructions for Your Free Account

All of the help and documentation you may need to create your free XOWComics.com account. With an acocunt, you will have access to manage your collection, create boxes, and customize much of your experience with the XOWComics.com site.

My Collection My Collection

Have Lists, Want Lists, Boxes, and More

Within My Collection, separate lists can be maintained of both the comics you want (My Wants) and the comics you have (My Haves). The comics you have can be organized into groups or collections, referred to as "boxes", to assist you in keeping track of your collection. This section of the Help provides guidance for all of the functionality to work with My Collection in the XOWComics.com site.

My Preferences

Settings for All Areas of Your Account

All of the preferences, options, and settings for your XOWComics.com account are documented here. Screenshots and details regarding every preference setting and action for your account is contained in this area. It is helpful to review this documentation when you first create your XOWComics.com account and any time new preferences are added to the site to expand the functionality available to all comic book collecting enthusiasts.

My Favorite Pages Favorites

Remember the Pages You Visit Most

With My Favorite Pages, you set and manage your own list of of pages within the XOWComics.com site that you like the most. Set any pages you want as favorites, rename them in your list of favorite pages, reorder them and group them however you like. This Help page shows you how.

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