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Within My Collection, there are two basic lists to work with: My Haves and My Wants.

My Haves is a listing of individual Issues you mark within the XOWComics.com site as owning in your collection. You can obviously have as many copies of as many Issues on your any My Haves. And, individual comics on any My Haves can have different attributes to describe each comic in your collection (e.g. Condition, Purchase Date, Purchase Price, etc.). Boxes can be created to organize the comics in your collection, too.

My Wants is a listing of individual Issues you mark within the XOWComics.com site as wanting in your collection. Different attributes can be associated with each Issue on any My Wants list (e.g. Minimum Condition, Require CGC Graded, etc.). And like the My Haves lists, you can download a copy of any of your My Wants lists at any time.

The pages in this section of Help guide you through all of the tools and pages available for working with My Collection.

My Haves

Comics You Have in Your Collection

Working with the My Haves and My Comic Haves pages is probably the single most useful feature for users of the XOWComics.com site. With no limit to the size of your collection and comprehensive tools for managing the Issues and comics, understanding the tools available to work with My Haves is integral to efficiently using the XOWComics.com site.

My Wants

Comics You Want in Your Collection

Any avid collector and archivist will continue to grow their personal collection of comics. With the large number of Issues to choose from, the My Wants lists helps you organize and track the Issues you are seeking to add to your collection. The My Wants lists in the XOWComics.com site will help you do this better than anything available.

Sharing My Wants

Allowing Others to See My Wants

You can choose to publicly publish the contents of My Wants lists. Preferences in Change Shared Information control whether the information is shared publicly and a unique URL into the site displays the information for those that you give the URL to. This Help page explains all of the intricacies and details for managing this feature of your free XOWComics.com account.

My Boxes

Organizing My Comic Haves

Keeping the comics in your collection organized is important for any collector. Being able to find them quickly is key to any organization system you choose to employ. With My Boxes, you can organizing the comics on all My Haves lists the same as you organize your comics in the real world.

My Collection Preferences

Settings and Options for My Collection

Setings for My Collection include everything from how the interface displays the contents of My Wants and My Haves to what default option values to set for Issues added to My Collection. There are even settings for displaying "holes" in My Collection to help you identify which Issues in Series you may need to complete a full Series. All of these are explained fully on this Help page.


Work with My Haves and My Wants Offline

At any time you can download the full contents of your My Haves and My Wants; you can even download My Comic Haves and My Comic Wants, the listing of every individual copy of every Issue on My Haves and My Wants, respectively. Downloaded documents are available as standardized Excel document for use in your favorite spreahsheet program. This page shows you the basics of retrieving these downloads and working with the contents of these documents.

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