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Navigating through the XOWComics.com site can be a tad overwhelming for new users. A great deal of functionality has been placed into as compact a space as possible. But, with consistency in the interface and adherence to common practices in user interface, this has been greatly simplified; well, that and a lot of roll-over help available for most links and tools all help.

This section of Help provides you with insights into the standard pages, tools, icons, and interface design used within the XOWComics.com site, allowing you to more quickly and easily find the information you need in the format you most desire.

Navigation Bar

Your Primary Navigation Point

The main navigation bar, available at the top of every page in the XOWComics.com site, contains all major navigation points you will need while using the site. It also contains direct access to the powerful tools for Searching the site. And, there are more tools made available when you are logged into your free XOWComics.com account. Understanding this main point of navigation within the site will save you time and energy, maximizing your experiencing of the XOWComics.com site and the tools it offers to you.

Listing Pages

Listing Data in XOWComics.com

Listing pages within the XOWComics.com site are, by far, the most common interface you will encounter when displaying multiple instances of data. Whether you merely browse the data or search within the data in the XOWComics.com site, the results are always displayed on Listing pages. Even as you narrow into particular items, showing Detail pages, there are still pages that may show a listing area of "contained items" (e.g. Series in a Publisher, Issues in a Series, etc.). Being familiar with all of the tools and options for Listing pages will help immeasurably in navigation, viewing, displaying and finding exactly what you want in the XOWComics.com site.

Detail Pages

Showing Data Details in XOWComics.com

Detail pages within the XOWComics.com site are the means by which all of the information for an item are displayed. Like all of the XOWComics.com site, all of the Detail Pages have been designed and built with very similar and consistent display, layout and tools for viewing and working with the data in the site. Being familiar with the Detail Pages will help you navigate the XOWComics.com site that much more quickly and allow you to create the most efficient and useful experience possible.

Links, Rollovers, Issues, Oh My!

Some of the intricacies of links within the XOWComics.com can seem obvious to many. But, until the full details are noticed, it is very easy to overlook some of the most important features in the site. This Help page goes through many of the different links that appear in the XOWComics.com site and points out the subtle details that can help you immensely when navigating the site.

Location Location

Site Crumbs

Learn all about the Location menu in the Navigation Bar. All pages in the site are hierarchically organized and the Location menu always provides the means, the trail of "crumbs" so to say, to find your way back "up" through the site.

Bookmarks and URLs

Window Titles, too

Even the URLs to all of the pages in the XOWComics.com site are considered at every step of the design and construction process. This allows for every page in the site to be bookmarked and shared directly. Window titles are also handled on every page in a consistent manner to help with navigation through the site. This help page contains some of the intricacies of these often overlooked items in the interface.

Quick Tips

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