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Bookmarks and URLs

All of the URLs in the XOWComics.com site are constructed in a consistent and logical manner. Also, they are all constructed such that you can bookmark any page in the site directly. This makes it easy to save frequently accessed pages in the bookmarks of your browser, accessible directly for you every time you need them.

If you need to bookmark a page accessible only when logged into your account and you follow that bookmark when you are not current logged in, the XOWComics.com site will redirect you to the Login page when you follow the bookmark. There is an option that is enable by default on all accounts, accessible on the Change Account Options page, which when enabled will then follow your original bookmark after you have logged into your account. This makes it as simple as possible to allow you to bookmark pages which are only available when you are logged into your account; you can follow these bookmarks even when you are not logged into your account and the XOWComics.com site will "ease the way" for you automatically.

This logical organizaition and management of all of the URLs in the XOWComics.com site is also what makes My Favorite Pages a simple yet powerful tool for all users.

This means also that you can share the URLs into the XOWComics.com site with friends through email, on your blog, on Facebook, etc., and you can be assued they will always see the same information that you see. And, the XOWComics.com site maintains the integrity of URLs indefinitely, so you never have to worry about the URLs you place into your blog "going dead" at some indeterminate point in the future; even if the XOWComics.com site changes the current structure of URLs used in the site, the older formats for URLs are always available and are automatically translated to any new format that may be used in the future.

Window Titles, too

Throughout the site, different pages or different "types" of pages are often described and named. These pages titles are always consistent with the window title given for each page. For instance, the page you are viewing has a "page name" of Bookmarks and URLs; though not exactly the same, it is simple to see that this corresponds then to the page's "window title" of XOWComics.com - Help, Bookmarks and URLs. In most browsers, when you bookmark a page, the window title is what is by default used for the "name" of the bookmark.

For the data pages within the XOWComics.com site, it is the "page names" often take a slightly more involved format. For instance, take a look at the Series Detail, List Issues page for Thor. The name of the page is reflected directly in the window title for the page, even denotating the name of the "detail data" that is displayed on the page, in this case "Thor".

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