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Essentially, we are comic book enthusiasts that believe the application of technology for comic book collectors should provide a postive experience for everyone. A lack of affordable options to fulfill such a large potentiality is shameful in our opinion, something we hope to remedy with the XOWComics.com web site and associated portable applications.

Each of our developers has over 25 years of computer technology experience, leading technical innovationists in interfaces, database development, protocol design and specifiction, communication deployment, and systems optimization. Each also has a passion for comic books and comic book collecting. Combine these experiences and apply them to the benfit of comic book collecting and the result is the ever expanding and growing XOWComics.com web site and suite of portable applications.

Hopefully you will find this effort as useful to your comic book collecting needs as all of us do!

Latest News

Latest Notes from XOWComics.com

All of the latest news from the staff of XOWComics.com. This includes notes about new features in the site, ramblings about upcoming features and projects we are working on, and anything else we can reasonably think of at the time of writing it.

Version History

Detailed History of the Development of this Site

See how quickly the XOWComics.com web site and portable applications were developed and deployed. See exactly when individual features and functionality became available for use. The version history repository helps us in development and testing as much as anyone.


How We Made It Work

What software tools do we use to build the web site? What do we use to build the portable applications? What is used for deploying the web site and serving it to the world? How do the portable applications communicate with the XOWComics.com central data repository?

These questions and so many more can be answered here. Learn about the tools and technology use to build all of the parts of the XOWComics.com web site and the suite of XOWComics.com portable applications.

Press Releases

Released from XOWComics.com

Original copies of press releases issued to the media from XOWComics.com.

Data Sources

Where the Comic Book Data Comes From

Learn more about where we get all of the data that exists in the core XOWComics.com web site. Understanding the sources of the data provides great insight into how the site is continuously evolving. Learn also how you can help with the ever growing data needs of the XOWComics.com web site.


Who We Thank and Who Helped

There are too many people that helped with this effort than we can ever possibly thank. But, here we have at least a modest attempt and given credit where credit is due.

Policies and Agreements

As Required Unfortunately in Our World Today

Yeah, every aspect of our lives seems to be ruled by such "legalese". Nothing different here than you would probably expect.

In general, we try to be as open and free as possible, and accept no responsibility beyond what we morally should be responsible for (in other words, we accept full responsibility for everything except for legal responsibility, thereby absolving any liability that can be placed upon us).

Hey, give us a break. Consider the value you receive and this is pretty obvious!

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