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Change Personal Information

Screenshot A sample of the Change Personal Information form is displayed to the right. This form allows you to change all of the information you supplied when you first opened your XOWComics.com account (except the username and password, which both use separate forms for changing). As when you created your account, items labeled in red are mandatory and can not be left empty.

All of the current values on your account are already entered in the form for you to easily review and update. Assumedly, your gender does not change too often; and, discounting your association with Dr. Strange, we hope your birthday does not change often, also.

Your date of birth must be entered in the format 'YYYY.MM.DD'; this means entering the full four digits for the year, and two digits each for the month and day (use preceeding zeroes for each of the latter pair, if needed).

For your birth date, you can either type the value into the enterable area. Or, you can use the special calendar available by clicking on the small calendar icon to the right of the enterable area for your birth date.

If your email address changes, this is obviously where you would update the email address used with your XOWComics.com account. We make certain the same email address is entered twice, exactly the same, on this form to help you avoid possible typographical errors.

Once you have updated the items on this form, merely click on the button on the bottom of the page to submit the changes to XOWComics.com and update your account. If there are any problems with the information submitted, the following page will detail the problems and allow you to correct the mistakes noted.

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