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Screenshot Pictured to the right is a sample of the Change Navigation Options page. The controls here let you customize the default listing of data that is shown for every type of detail page in the site you can navigate to. The sample screen shot shown to the right only shows the options available for the Publisher Detail page.

For each type of Detail page within the site (Publisher, Brand, Indicia Publisher, Series, and Issue), there are different options available on the page to display in a listing interface the items "within" that detail data. For instance, for a Publisher, you then list the brands, indicia publishers, series, or individual issues within the publisher in the listing interface. At all levels of data within the interface, these listing pages are available by clicking on the counts for each item shown on the detail page.

Often, though, when navigating through the data in the site, it is common to always want to see particular lists of information. For instance, most people would probably always want to see a list of series within a publisher when navigating to a Publisher Detail page. Without these navigation options, this would require an extra link to have to click on and wait for while navigating the site.

With these navigation options in your XOWComics.com account, you can choose to set by default the listing page, if any, to display by default each time you navigate to a detail page within any level in the data hierarchy.

So, for instance, you can choose to always show by default the series within a publisher (go to the Publisher Detail, Series Listing page) when navigating to a publisher. Or, you can choose to always show by default the Content Items within an issue (go to the Issue Detail, List Content Items page) when you go to an individual issue. Or, most popular, would be to always show the issues within a series (go to the Series Detail, Issues Listing page) when you go to a series detail page.

A separate drop down interface widget is available for each detail page in the site on this Change Navigation Options page. You can then select exactly what the default behavior of the site will be at all levels in the data hierarchy to suit your individual needs.

Once you have updated your options on this form, merely click on the button on the bottom of the page to submit the changes to XOWComics.com and update your account. If there are any problems with the information submitted, the subsequent page will detail the problems and allow you to correct the mistakes noted.

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