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Screenshot Changing the username on your account is about as simple as can be. The form shown to the right will be displayed when you follow any of the links to change your username in your account. This form will always display the current username on your account which you are logged in under. And, brief instructions on the form are displayed to help you enter a new username of the correct length. Also, the case of individual characters in your username do matter.

Merely enter the new username you want for your account in the space provided on the form. Then click on the form's button to submit the new username to the XOWComics.com site. The username submitted will then be checked to make certain it meets with the length requirements specified. Also, the username will then be checked to make certain it is unique within the XOWComics.com site (no two users may have the same username within the account at any one time). Of course, all extended characters from any alphabet and character set are acceptable, even special characters for spacing can be used.

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