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Screenshot The first group of options are shown in the screenshot to the right. The first is merely a checkbox to enable and disable the display of Tooltips when you mouse over interactive items in the interace. Be default, tooltips are enabled in your account and until you are very familiar with the navigation and tools within the XOWComics.com site, it is highly recommended that you leave the tooltips enabled.

The second setting is a dropdown of the number of rows to display on Listing Pages . Depending on the browser your use and the amount of resources your machine, even on the speed of your connection, it may be advantageous to reduce the number of rows displayed on Listing Pages . This is particularly true if you are using a mobile device to use the site (e.g. we commonly use our iPhones when browsing in a LCS).

On Listing Pages showing Issue Images, a separate dropdown setting is used to control the number of rows displayed. Since these "gallery pages" also show an image with each row displayed, it can quickly use a lot of resources and bandwidth to display the page. This option lets you separately control the number of rows display on such gallery pages.

Screenshot The second group of options are displayed in the screenshot to the left. The first pictured here is a dropdown to set the amount of time each page waits before automatically reloading. Since the data in the XOWComics.com site changes so quickly, pages will automatically reload at a set interval to make sure you are viewing the most updated data possible (forms where you modify information will not reload, though, to avoid your losing any edits you may be making). This options controls how long this reload interval is, effectively controlling how often a page will reload itself with any updated information.

The second option in the screenshot to the left controls how the site will automatically remember the sorting options on each of the Listing Pages . You can choose to always use the default sorting provided by the XOWComics.com site itself, usually the most logical sorting options for the data being displayed. You can also set this option to have the site always remember the last sorting options you used on individual Listing Pages and reuse those each time. Finally, you can choose to have the site only use the sorting options you tell the site to remember explicitly; a menu item in the Favorites rollover menu can be used to store the sorting options for any of the Listing Pages in the site at any time you are logged into your XOWComics.com account.

Screenshot The final group of options are displayed in the screenshot to the right. The first here is a checkbox to enable or disable weekly (ish) email updates from the XOWComics.com site.

The second option displayed here controls whether the "Remember Me" checkbox on the Login page is checked by default when you come to the Login page. The "Remember Me" functionality only remembers the username you use for your account; it will never remember the password for your account for greater security. Enabling this option though will effectively make the site always remember your username every time you need to Login to your XOWComics.com account.

The final option on this page is a checkbox to have the site automatically follow navigable URLs automatically after your Login. Basically, if you follow a link into the XOWComics.com that exists outside of the site (e.g. a bookmark in your browser), and the page you are trying to requires you to be logged into your XOWComics.com account, the site will automatically prompt you to Login to your account. With this option enabled on your account, the site will remember in that instance the page you were originally trying to navigate to and take you to that page once you Login to your account.

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