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Issue: Action Comics #795
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Variant: Direct Sales
Rating: Approved by the Comics Code Authority
Publisher: FlagDC
Brand: DC [bullet]View Brand Images2
Indicia Publisher: DC Comics
On Sale Date: 09/25/2002
Volume: none
Pages: 44
UPC/EAN: 76194120001979511
Price: $3.75 CAD
$2.25 USD
Indicia Frequency: Approved by the Comics Code Authority
Content Items: 2 (1 story, 1 cover)
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Publication Type: Comic Book
Color: color
Dimensions: standard Golden Age US; then standard Silver Age US; then standard Modern Age US
Paper Stock:  
Binding: saddle-stitched (squarebound #334, 347, 360, 373, 437, 443, 449, 544, 600)
Publishing Format: was ongoing series
Format Notes:  
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Cover, Front
Original Artwork
Digital Edition
Adult Image
Title Page
Indicia on this Page
Ending Battle, Part 4 of 8: The Return of The Elite... 'Nuff Dead!

Illustration  on  Cover, Front
Subject Matter
Superman; The Elite [Coldcast; Hat; Menagerie]; Lex Luthor
FlagSuperman: Ending Battle #[nn] published July 2009
as [untitled] [Cover Reprint (on Interior Page) on Interior Page(s)]
Ending Battle, Part 4: The Thirteenth Hour

Story  on  Interior Page(s)
Subject Matter
Superman; Lex Luthor; The Elite [Coldcast; Hat; Menagerie [Pamela]]; Cyborg [Hank Henshaw]; Lena Luthor (statue); Lois Lane (statue)
Superman confronts Luthor, thinking that he is behind the attacks on the people close to Clark Kent. Though Luthor admits that he knows Superman is Clark Kent, he denies having sent the villains. In the middle of their conversation, the Elite arrive intending to kill Luthor. While putting an end to that threat, Superman realizes that the real puppet master is Manchester Black and he heads off to confront him, but has to face the Cyborg first.
FlagSuperman: Ending Battle #[nn] published July 2009
as Ending Battle, Part 4: The Thirteenth Hour [Story on Interior Page(s)]
Story continues from Superman: The Man of Steel (DC, 1991 series) #130; story continues in Superman (DC, 1987 series) #187.

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