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Series: Hats Off, Andy Capp Public Domain
Years in Print: 1968 - 1979
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Publisher: FlagGold Medal Books Country: Flag United States Language: English Issues: #d2009 - #1-3769-4 (6 Issues) Continued From Continued From: none Continued In Continued In: none Disclose Tracking Notes: Part of a larger Gold Medal Books series, not all paperbacks.
Series number d2009 and D2009: Continues from non-comic book Here Comes a Hero by Lawrence Black # d2008. Continues in the non-comic book The Only Girl in The Game by John D MacDonald # d2010.
R2478: Continues from an unknown non-comic book # R2477. Continues in Assignment Budapest by Edward S Aarons # T2479.
T3102: Continues from an unknown non-comic book # T3101. Continues in Hello, Grandma? (1973 series) # T3103 (Family Circus).
M3447: Continues from Keep 'Em Rolling, Andy Capp (1976 series) # M3446. Continues in an unknown non-comic book # M3448.
1-3769-4: Continues from an unknown non-comic book # 1-3768-?. Continues in an unknown non-comic book # 1-3770-?.
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Disclose Format
Publication Type: Trade Paperbacks
Color: color cover; black and white interior
Dimensions: mass market paperback
Paper Stock: cardstock cover; newsprint interior
Binding: squarebound
Publishing Format: collected edition
Format Notes:  
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