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Disclose Version History for 2016

This is a complete version history of the XOWComics.com site for the year 2016. Other years are available by using the links listed just below.

As of the late summer of 2012, XOWComics.com implemented a system to update the web site more quickly and efficiently with new features and upgrades. These "incremental" updates are what often comprise now the full listing of features in each new version of the site.

You can see quite easily how quickly the site has progressed. Your feedback has driven this success and rapid development!

Note, the second half of 2015 saw the development of some extensive revisions and additions to the My Collection section of the site. As it progressed, the expansive changes required made it easier for us to "slip" on site versions until development and testing was complete (towards the end of February, 2016, with the deployment of v1.6.6 of the site).

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all within v1.6.6

Added database trigger on My Collection Issues table for integrity keyed from summary data of Quantity Have and Quantity Want falling to zero.

Added My Collection Lists table to database.

Created default, initial Lists data for all existing users; one My Have List and one My Want List, the two types of Lists supported currently, created for each user.

Created database trigger on My Lists table to deny deletion of last list of any type for each user.

Added database column My Collection Haves List ID; populated new column with initial data for all users.

Added database column My Collection Wants List ID; populated new column with initial data for all users.

Added database trigger to Users table to automatically create initial pair of lists for any new users row.

Added column Users Default My Haves List ID; populated with initial data for all users.

Added column Users Default My Wants List ID; populated with initial data for all users.

Added Default My Haves List and Default My Wants List settings to interface on My Collection Preferences page.

Added My Lists page under My Collection with full interface to add, delete, and manage My Lists data.

Added interface (i.e. setting, display, etc., as applicable) for My List in all interface elements throughout site when working with an item in My Haves or My Wants.

Added My Downloads page above the different downloads in the hierarchy of pages. Provides short description and links to all of the download available in My Collection.

Standardized usage of terms My Haves, My Comic Haves, My Wants, and My Comic Wants in site navigation.

Added download of My Wants as Download My Wants. Renamed previous download to Download My Comic Wants (which is what it actually is).

Added My Wants listing page. Renamed previous listing page to My Comic Wants listing page (which is what is actually is).

Standardized all navigation in My Haves and My Wants section of My Collection for navigation between "comics" pages, summary pages, and "Gallery" pages

Added maintaining of sort and filter (i.e. List and Box, as applicable) to all My Haves and My Want listing pages (i.e. between comics, summary, and gallery pages for each).

Added maintaining of sort and filter in all interface prompts coming from My Have and My Wants listing pages (i.e. download, adding, removing, etc.).

Updated all interface icons in My Collection for downloads, expand (i.e. go to comics listing), collapse (i.e. go to summary listing), and gallery navigation.

Added sort and filter options to all download documents in My Collection.

Added My List column to My Comic Haves and My Comic Wants listing pages.

Added My List column to Download My Comic Haves and Download My Comic Wants documents.

Added landing page for User Pages (i.e. /users/) which includes user's selected Avatar and links to different listing pages now available (now that there is more than one), including short descriptions.

Changed existing User Page listing page to My Comic Wants listing page with full navigation as in existing site.

Added My Wants and My Wants Gallery pages to User Pages.

Added support for My Lists (i.e. for filtering view) in all User Pages. Obviously only My Wants Lists that are marked by the user as Publicly Available are shown on the User Page listing pages.

Added support for full navigation between different listing pages within User Pages, maining all sort and filter options (e.g. Lists). Interface and functionality are all now consistent with the main areas of the site.

Added support for 2-level sorting on all listing pages within User Pages and My Collection.

Added icons for My Collection section to indicate Notes for both "Notes present" and "No Notes present" (by color).

Moved Notes on My Comic Haves, My Comic Wants, and My Comic Wants User Page to being available behind new Notes icon (so they are no longer a column in the listing itself).

Renamed My Haves Comments and My Boxes Comments columns throughout site to Notes.

Added User Page link onto the Site Map page, displayed as a link conditionally on whether user currently logged in and Share My Want account preference is enabled.

Update majority of My Accounts links on the Site Map page to only be active links when user is logged in.

Added More... link in Site Map rollover menu on main navigation bar to go to the Site Map.

Added rollover menu items into 2nd menu disclosed menu for items under My User Page under My Account in main navigation bar.

Added rollover menu items into 3rd disclosed menu for My Collection Help items.

Added 2016 page to Version History.

Corrected bug with some of the link formation data. [posted 20160302]

Corrected bug where default box when adding comic to My Haves was not set properly when initially displaying the prompt interface for the "(not set)" option. [posted 20160302]

Corrected bug where qunatity displayed on page for My Wants or My Haves was not incrementing in the display when an Issue was added to either. [posted 20160303]

Corrected syntax error in code for prompt of details when adding an item to a My Wants list. [posted 20160303]

Corrected bug where new quantity for My Haves or My Wants was incremented twice during the addition of an issue to either. [posted 20160303]

Corrected bug where the server rules for minimized directories was not installed for all secondary domains. [posted 20160307]

Added disclosable documentation and instructions to the Edit My Comic Wants page. [posted 20160324]

Corrected failure of the setting of the attributes for any Issue added to a My Haves list of My Collection. [posted 20160902]

Corrected problem suppressing prompt when removing an item from a My Wants list when there were any items for that Issue already on a My Haves list. [posted 20160904]

Corrected bug wherein additions to a My Haves list was not having the Currency type set. [posted 20160904]

Corrected usage of deprecated function call on the Editor's Notes page. [posted 20160927]

Added keyboard navigation (left and right arrows) on Issue Image modal display throughout site. [posted 20161222]

Corrected sort of Issues in a Series when the Issue Number varied between a "base" Issue and a "variant" Issue. [posted 20161226]

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