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Dated 20101008

Disclosure widgets are user interface items used to show and hide additional information. You are already familiar with such an interface widget in your file browser in list display on your computer (on Windows as pluses and minuses in boxes, on the Mac as a triangle pointing to the right or down).

Within the data, we found often that the Notes field at all levels in the hierarchy to be somewhat superfluous. It is not data that is often needed. So, we decided to by default no longer show the Notes field.

The data is still there and can be seen at any time by just using the disclosure widget that is now shown where the notes used to be. You can even override this new default behavior with new Display Options within your account.

Here, we are just showing samples of how this changes the display of some pages, making it much more compact in some instances.

First, we have an screenshot of the new Display Options page: Screen Shot.

Notice you can change the default behavior for the disclosure widgets separately in the Detail area of Detail pages, in the listing areas of pages, or for Content Items specifically on the Issue Detail, List Content Items page.

Here is a sampling of a Publisher Detail, Series Listing page:
Screen Shot (before)
Screen Shot (after)

Yes, the after images here mostly have editor tools enabled, where the before images do not.

More importantly in the after image, notice the green disclosure triangle next to the "Notes" label. It is closed, hiding the data. Clicking it would display the data again immediately for perusing.

With it closed in the detail area, you can actually see much more easily some of the listing display. There you even then see a sampling of disclosure triangles within the listing display for each series displayed containing notes.

Here is a sampling of a Brands Listing page:
Screen Shot (before)
Screen Shot (after)

You can see how the disclosure widgets make the data much more readable and compact (yeah, some DC in my collection obviously).

Also, when used in a listing, the disclosure widget is displayed only when there is data to view. Hence not all rows have a disclosure widget. On Detail pages and in Content Items, the disclosure widgets are always displayed; when there is data to show the widgets will be green and when there is no data the widgets will be black.

Here is a sampling of a Brand Detail page:
Screen Shot (before)
Screen Shot (after)

The notes for each brand image can be cumbersome on the interface. With the disclosure widget defaulted to closed, the difference is pronounced.

Here is a sampling of a Issue Detail, List Content Items page:
Screen Shot (before)
Screen Shot (after)

This example is not as extreme as others, but clearly it makes a difference. We have seen some of these pages where the Notes contain no meaningful data yet still take up almost half of the total vertical space in the interface.

We hope you like this sampling of what will be posted with the next release of the XOWComics.com site. No promises, but it will probably be online Monday morning, October 11th, for you to start using yourself.

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