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Publisher: 11/88 Studios
Years in Operation: 2010 - ?
Disclose Detail
Country: Flag United States Web Site: http://11-88-studios.blogspot.com/ Brands: 1 Indicia Publishers: 1 Series: 2 Printings: 2 Disclose Notes: Established by Keith Frederick Robinson in 2010.   Does this data need corrections? Become an editor.
Series Name Years in Print Issues (Printings)
Growing Pains {Comic Books} Disclose
Note: Growing Pains is a coming of age story about a boy growing up without has father, on a quest to get justice for his father while at the same time, trying not to become his father.
2010 - 1
Modern Hood {Comic Books} Disclose
Note: Modern Hood was picked up by Arcana Studios in 2009. It was published as an ashcan at the 2010 (?) Cherry Capital Con.
2010 - 1

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