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Issue: The Real Cost of Prisons Comix #[nn]
Publication Date: January 2008
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Variant: unnamed
Publisher: FlagPM Press
Indicia Publisher:
On Sale Date: (not set)
Pages: 104
ISBN: 1604860340
Price: $14.95 USD
Indicia Frequency:
Content Items: 0 (0 stories, 0 covers)
Editor(s): ?
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Publication Type: Comic Book
Color: Color Covers
Paper Stock:  
Binding: Softcover
Publishing Format:  
Format Notes:  
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Disclose Reprinted From3
Some/all of 3 other Issues reprinted as/in this Issue:
FlagPrisoners of a Hard Life #[nn] published January 2005
FlagPrisoners of the War on Drugs #[nn] published January 2005
FlagPrison Town #[nn] published January 2005
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