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Issue: Adolf #[1]
Publication Date: November 1995
Disclose Detail
Title: A Tale of the Twentieth Century
Variant: unnamed
Publisher: FlagViz
Indicia Publisher: Cadence Books, Inc.
On Sale Date: (not set)
Volume: none
Pages: 268
ISBN: 1569310580
UPC/EAN: 97815693105885169578200901213900111
Price: $24.25 CAD
$16.95 USD
Indicia Frequency:
Content Items: 3 (1 story, 1 cover)
Editor(s): Annette Roman
Disclose Notes:  
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Disclose Format
Publication Type: Trade Paperback
Color: Color cover; Black and White interior
Dimensions: 14mm x 21.5mm
Paper Stock:  
Binding: Perfect Bound Paperback Version; Hardcover Version
Publishing Format: Miniseries
Format Notes:  
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Cover, Front
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