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The XOWComics.com Search tool allows for the addition of XOWComics.com as a search engine to all OpenSearch compatible browsers (Internet Explorer v7 and above, Chrome, and Firefox v2 and above).

Probably the simplest addition, for compatible browsers the XOWComics.com Search tool automatically performs searches on Series Names within the XOWComics.com site. There is no simpler way to find the comic books you are looking for. And, the tool will automatically keep itself updated for you safely and securely from directly within your browser.


Current Version: XOWComics.com Search v0.3.0 (released February 19th, 2011)

To install the XOWComics.com Search tool, merely look at your search bar in your browser. On the left side there should be a drop down item listing your existing search engines. There should be an option there now (for compatible browsers) to install the XOWComics.com Search tool.

Firefox Logo If you so prefer while using Firefox, you can use the Mozilla Addons site to install the XOWComics.com Search tool.

You can also choose to install XOWComics.com Search tool directly from our site.

No matter how you choose to install the XOWComics.com Search tool, it takes only seconds to complete. And, it opens a whole new avenue of searching for all of your favorite comics within the XOWComics.com site. We keep it updated for you automatically using the OpenSearch tools already in your browser, so you never have to think about it again once installed.

Screenshot Usage

Does This Even Need Explaining?

Once installed, the XOWComics.com Search tool functions just like any other search engine from the perspective of your browser. Entering search terms into the search bar on your browser can be directed to XOWComics.com then to do a Series Name search. Results are displayed exactly the same as if you ran the search directly from within the XOWComics.com site.

For most browsers, the selection of the search engine to use for entered search terms is available in a drop down menu. Pictured to the right is the display of selecting the search engine to use from within a Firefox v3.x browser window. Most common search engines are automatically installed and available on all major OpenSearch compatible browsers. With the installation of the XOWComics.com Search tool, XOWComics.com becomes an option to select from for the search engine to use with your search terms.

Selecting XOWComics.com from this drop down menu is all that is needed to run your search within the XOWComics.com site. How could this possibly be easier or more convenient for you?

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