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Publisher: 21st Century / Heavy Metal / National Lampoon
Years in Operation: 1970 - 1998
Disclose Detail
Country: Flag United States Web Site: http://nationallampoon.com/ Brands: 0 Indicia Publishers: 6 Series: 19 Printings: 247 (246 Issues) Disclose Notes: 21st Century Communications was founded in 1967 by Matty Simmons and Leonard Mogel, who previously had published the Diner's Club magazine. Simmons had been the co-founder of the Diner's Club. Their first magazine was the music magazine, Cheetah, 1967-1968. They then published Weight Watchers Magazine from 1968 - 1975.
In 1969, the producers of the Harvard Lampoon parodies of Life and Time, Douglas Kenney, Henry Beard, and Robert Hoffman had meetings with 21 Century, and together licensed the "Lampoon" name for a monthly national publication, National Lampoon, which became very successful and spun-off various books, records, radio shows, off-Broadway plays, and movies.
21st's next magazine was the revival of Liberty, which they published from 1971-1973.
In 1977, they started publishing Heavy Metal.
In 1979, 21 Century was re-named National Lampoon, Inc.
In 1989, the company was sold to new owners, but no other changes were made.
In 1990, the company was sold again, and the new owners merged it into their J2 Communications, a movie company.
In 1992, Heavy Metal magazine and its affiliates were sold out of the company.
In 1998 the last issue of National Lampoon was published. The company still exists as a movie related business.
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Series Name Years in Print Issues (Printings)
The Best of National Lampoon {Comic Books} Disclose
Note: Reprints from National Lampoon magazine. No issue #2. "The Breast of National Lampoon" was mistakenly called "The Best of National Lampoon #2" by the distributors, so the series picked up with #3.
1971 - ? 5
The Breast of National Lampoon {Comic Books} Disclose
Note: A collection of sexual humor reprinted from the National Lampoon. This was intended to be a stand-alone collection, but the distributors listed it as "The Best of National Lampoon #2," so it ended up being known as that, with the next issue of "Best of" being #3.
1972 - 1
National Lampoon Comics {Comic Books} 1974 - 1
The National Lampoon Encyclopedia of Humor {Comic Books} 1973 - 1
National Lampoon Foto Funnies {Comic Books} Disclose
Note: Collections of National Lampoon magazine fumetti-style strips. The first issue collects strips that appeared in the magazine. The second issue states "All New" on the cover.
1980 - 1986 2
National Lampoon Magazine {Comic Books} Disclose
Note: All issues contained comics. Most contain enough comics to meet the 10 percent requirement for cover scans when indexed, but only a handful (if that) are more than 50 percent comics.
Age Restricted
1970 - 1998 223
National Lampoon Presents Claire Bretecher {Comic Books} 1978 - 1
National Lampoon Presents Hitler's Favorite Cartoons {Comic Books} 1982 - 1982 1
National Lampoon Presents the Very Large Book of Comical Funnies {Comic Books} Disclose
Note: Many printings exist. The GCD originally listed an issue 2 and 3 (apparently published in 1986). These do not appear to exist.
1975 - 1 (2)
National Lampoon Presents: French Comics (The Kind Men Like) {Comic Books} 1977 - 1
National Lampoon Sunday Newspaper Parody {Comic Books} 1978 - 1
National Lampoon Tenth Anniversary Anthology 1970-1980 {Comic Books} 1980 - 1
National Lampoon True Facts {Comic Books} 1981 - ? 0
National Lampoon's Animal House {Comic Books} Disclose
Note: Movie adaptation with two comics sequences.
1978 - 1
National Lampoon's Cartoon Book: The Best of 18 Years {Comic Books} 1988 - 1
National Lampoon's Cartoons Even We Wouldn't Dare Print {Comic Books} 1984 - 1
National Lampoon's Gentleman's Bathroom Companion {Comic Books} 1975 - 1977 2
National Lampoon's Son of Cartoons Even We Wouldn't Dare Print II: A Sequel {Comic Books} 1985 - 1
National Lampoon- Cartoons Even We Wouldn't Dare Print: A Collection of Thoroughly Reprehensible Cartoons {Comic Books} 1979 - 1

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