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Indicia Publisher: 5th Panel Comics
Years in Operation: 1995 - 1997
Disclose Detail
Publisher: Flag 5th Panel Comics
Country: Flag United States
Web Site:
Printings: 7
Disclose Notes: Address:
PO Box 456
MI 48371
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Series Name and Issue # View Issue Images Icon Publication Date Content Items
Chimera #1 (Comic Book) September 1996 0 (0s, 0c)
Gothic #1 (Comic Book) View Issue Images Icon April 1997 0 (0s, 0c)
Gothic #2 (Comic Book) ? 0 (0s, 0c)
Pieces #1 (Comic Book) April 1997 0 (0s, 0c)
Pieces #2 (Comic Book) View Issue Images Icon July 1997 0 (0s, 0c)
Razorwire #1 (Comic Book) View Issue Images Icon June 1996 13 (7s, 1c)
Razorwire #2 (Comic Book) ? 0 (0s, 0c)

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